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Jack Meagher (pronounced as “Mar”) is the founder of deep pressure sport massage in the fifties in America. He has accompanied many athletes (international), as well as the American equestrian team. He died in 2005, but Jo-Ann Wilson has taken over his legacy. This method is applied in the Netherlands since 1999 by Ellen Immink. She has received in 2003 the permission to train therapists into the JM sports massage method. I followed my training with her. You can find more information on the website www.happy-athlete.nl.
  Jack Meagher     Jo-Anne Wilson

As mentioned before, muscles problems originate in the relaxation process. Tightening is followed by the development of a spasm at the exact spot, the rigid knot. This rigid knot is broken by deep pressure on the correct spot. In the JM massage it is very important to find the correct spot where the rigid knot is located. The key to success lies in accuracy. So what makes Jack Meagher sportsmassage so inique, is the deep pressure on the right spot.

The whole horse is being massaged at both sides. Whit regular massages, there will be no rigid knotw anymore and the horse will be fully loose in his body. Due to the accuracy of this method, starting problems can be detected in an early stage and resolved.


- Better blood circulation
- Better transport of different tissue fluids
- Better metabolism
- Better functioning of the muscle and broader movements
- Amelioration in the general wellbeing

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